Volvo Image Movie


This corporate video was created for the staff of Volvo Construction Equipment in Hameln, Germany. The aim was to illustrate the complex production processes and, at the same time, to present the employees and human relations within the company. The film achieves this not only visually but also on a musical level. Special emphasis has been placed on the music composition becoming an elementary design element.

Dramaturgically staged and combined with immersive pictures and fluid transitions, the movie accompanies the employees during their workday and convincingly conveys how much they enjoy their job.

Behind the scenes:
Client: Volvo Construction Equipment, ABG Allgemeine Baumaschinen-Gesellschaft mbH, Hameln

Design: GROSSE8
Camera: Jacqueline Hochmuth, Stephan Telaar
Creative Direction: Joerg Thommes
Film Direction: Manfred Borsch
Music: Julian Scherle
Sound Design: Konstantin Faust, Robert Keilbar